All-in-one ENT Treatment Unit

All-in-one ENT Treatment Unit

Technical Parameters: Power supply: 220V, 50Hz Fuse: F1A/250V F10AL/250V

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Product Details

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Product attribute:

all-in-one treatment unit

Product features:

Treatment unit with ear rinsing module and air storage tank

Product introduction:

smart touch screen,

Air storage tank, suction module, ear rinsing module, can be moved on casters

Technical Parameters:

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz

Fuse: F1A/250V   F10AL/250V  








Smart   touch screen

clear   and orderly

easy   to operate


storage   can for compressed air ,so the supply of it is from   the can rather than from the compressor directly , thus will greatly   enhance  the working life of the air   compressor.

Suction automatically activated   after the nozzle is removed from it’s holder

After the   nozzle is back to the docking suction will continue for 10 more seconds in   order to avoid reflux

Ear   rinsing module: compressed air for water conveying,   which will be filtered before heating to 37°C, with independent suction   channel for ear rinsing bowl and independent canister for waste water

Can be easily moved with smooth running caster

With   leveling feet to stand on


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