Treatment Of Tinnitus With ENT Comprehensive Treatment

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Ent comprehensive treatment of Foshan jialianda Medical Equipment Co Ltd has significant curative effect on the treatment of tinnitus and auxiliary examination.

Tinnitus is a common clinical symptom. It is not a disease. Tinnitus usually refers to the subjective sensation of the sounds produced in the ear or head when there is no external corresponding sound source or electrical stimulation, that is, subjective tinnitus. Attention should be paid to the examination of tinnitus with an ear, nose and throat complex:

1, the onset of disease, slow onset, mostly associated with systemic diseases. Sudden onset, blocking, Eustachian tube conduction system in acute otitis media to see; poisoning, trauma, in the sense of sound system of detonation, rare Meniere's disease.

2, tinnitus, tone, high tone tinnitus, mostly in the labyrinth, hear the nerve, central lesions occur, but sometimes there are the opposite phenomenon. Low tone tinnitus, mostly acoustic system disease.

3, intermittent tinnitus and persistent, intermittent is conductive, persistent tinnitus generally occurs in the neurosensory part.

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